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IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation):

IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) is based on current western research in neurophysiological principles.

IMS is an effective treatment for the relief of injuries caused by over sensitive nerves.

Acute or prolonged repetitive trauma can cause nerves to become irritated. Irritable nerves cause the muscles they supply to shorten and stay contracted. These shortened muscles can cause pain, as well as, pull on tendons, compressing joints and nerves. This can lead to common conditions such as tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, and chronic pain syndromes.ims

IMS involves inserting fine needles into shortened muscles. The needle insertion changes the electrical energy in the muscle and stimulates the muscle to relax and returns to its normal length. The insertion of the needle also causes the release of a blood platelet growth hormone, which initiates and helps the healing process.

These physiological changes make IMS a valuable treatment for both acute and chronic injuries. 

What customers have said

  • 'Although I was certainly nervous to try the IMS therapy, after my first session with Jill I was sold on its benefits. The treatment worked effectively and with lasting results. Jill also provided me with mobility and strengthening exercises to improve my range of motion and strengthen my weak areas. I found Jill to be professional, friendly, and highly skilled. I would recommend Jill to anyone experiencing muscle tightness or joint movement discomfort.

    - Maureen de St. Croix
    Head Coach Ocean Athletics Track and Field Club
    Former Canadian National Track & Field Team member
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