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 Mobilization/ Manipulation:

Manual therapy is a “hands on’’ system of assessing, diagnosing and treating selected neuromusculoskeletal problems.

Manual therapy uses mobilization and manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to restore normal movement and muscle tone.Mobilization/Manipulation

Manipulation is a specialized type of manual therapy technique used to restore normal range of motion. It is a localized, high-speed, controlled trust, which may cause an audible click or popping sensation. 


What customers have said

  • 'Although I was certainly nervous to try the IMS therapy, after my first session with Jill I was sold on its benefits. The treatment worked effectively and with lasting results. Jill also provided me with mobility and strengthening exercises to improve my range of motion and strengthen my weak areas. I found Jill to be professional, friendly, and highly skilled. I would recommend Jill to anyone experiencing muscle tightness or joint movement discomfort.

    - Maureen de St. Croix
    Head Coach Ocean Athletics Track and Field Club
    Former Canadian National Track & Field Team member
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