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Ultrasound Imaging: 

Physiotherapists use real time ultrasound (RTUS) to examine and treat the deep core muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis. This is the same technology that is used to screen pregnant mothers. Ultrasound imaging is helpful to observe and assess the timing, sequence, and behaviours of the deep core muscles.ultrasound therapy

The RTUS machine provides a visual tool to observe if these muscles are working and identify if there is a muscle dysfunction with how the brain is recruiting these muscles (motor control).

The client usually finds it helpful to have this visual feedback when learning how to turn the deep muscles on again. Research shows that retraining and reprogramming these core muscles is needed to gain a full recovery and prevent any reoccurrence of back pain. 


What customers have said

  • 'Although I was certainly nervous to try the IMS therapy, after my first session with Jill I was sold on its benefits. The treatment worked effectively and with lasting results. Jill also provided me with mobility and strengthening exercises to improve my range of motion and strengthen my weak areas. I found Jill to be professional, friendly, and highly skilled. I would recommend Jill to anyone experiencing muscle tightness or joint movement discomfort.

    - Maureen de St. Croix
    Head Coach Ocean Athletics Track and Field Club
    Former Canadian National Track & Field Team member
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